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Income Related Fee Scale

This sliding scale is intended as a guide to determining the fee payable for an hour’s consultation, to reflect ability to pay.

Consideration will be given to personal and family circumstances.

Income: joint or individual                                                                 Fee per hour

Up to £35,000 pa                                                                                                  £50 ph

£35-55,000                                                                                                             £55

£55-75,000                                                                                                             £60

£75-95,000                                                                                                             £65

£95-115,000                                                                                                           £70

£115,000 -125,000                                                                                              £75 ph

£125,000 +                                                                                                            £80ph

Please note: at least 24 hours’ notice is requested to cancel an appointment or the full fee is payable

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